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The Miro app for Meta Quest 2 is here

Enter a world of immersive collaboration

December 21, 2021

From in-person to remote to hybrid, where and how we work continues to evolve. In these varied team settings, over 25 million people use Miro as their online whiteboard platform to seamlessly collaborate and communicate across formats, tools, channels, and timezones. Now we’re adding a new space to work together: virtual reality.

Today, we’re excited to announce that visual collaboration is entering virtual reality with the new Miro app for Meta Quest 2. Our initial exploration in mixed reality visual collaboration started when a forward-thinking team of Miro developers created a Miro prototype for Meta Quest at our 2019 company-wide hackathon. We’ve been building on those concepts ever since. As one of the first 2D panel apps available for Meta Quest 2, Miro’s app merges the potential of virtual reality with the power of visual collaboration to break open a new world of possibilities for immersive team collaboration.

Welcome to your collaborative corner of virtual reality: With our new 2D panel app, you can brainstorm, workshop, and diagram with Miro and easily and efficiently toggle between ideas and your other favorite collaboration tools by adding boards and apps right in your Horizon Home dashboard. This is your invitation to ignite your imagination and work in a whole new way. No matter where you do your work or what your workflows are, the Miro app for Meta Quest 2 offers a whole new way to create.

Sanjana Tandon

Head of Strategic Partnerships at Miro

Enter a new world of creative possibilities

Imagine a focused, creative space with no distractions from the outside world. In this environment you can collaborate and solve problems with your team, regardless of your geographical location. Visual collaboration meets virtual reality when you slip on a Meta Quest 2 headset.

For a more personal VR work experience, you can easily tailor this space to fit your needs and preferences. Choose from 100+ integrations with your favorite apps, many of which are now also available in the Quest Store, like, and Smartsheet. And easily facilitate brainstorming, design thinking, and strategic planning sessions with 250+ Miro templates.

Even if your team members are distributed around the world, using Miro in VR offers a central place to collaborate, brainstorm, and dream big together. Tap into your team’s creative potential with Miro’s powerful visual features — drawing tools, sticky notes, and an infinite canvas — to let the ideas flow. Without the constraints of physical screens, you’ll never run out of space for your ideas.

When you’re ready to take off your headset and re-enter the physical world, your work comes with you. You can keep working on your Miro board across devices.

What might the future hold for team collaboration?

Big possibilities are brewing in the future of knowledge work, education, and creative fields; this partnership with Meta is the first step in the melding of virtual reality and visual collaboration and could mean a new frontier for teams that work in person, remote, and hybrid environments. We envision a world where:

Barriers to collaboration disappear. No matter where your team members are located, you’ll feel like you’re side-by-side in the same room, with equal opportunities to contribute.

Hybrid meetings are seamless. Engaging, human-centered virtual spaces will invite innovation and authentic connection, and set the scene for engaging high-impact meetings.

Imagination is immersive. Dynamic visual environments will help you and your team do your best work and unlock your brightest ideas.

Try the Miro app for Meta Quest 2

From dreaming up new ideas in new spaces to easilytoggling between work and play, the possibilities of this new app are as infinite as Miro’s infinite canvas and as vast as virtual reality.

Ready to try working in virtual reality? Download the Miro app for Meta Quest 2 and start dreaming up your next big idea.

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