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Fuel innovation without compromising security with Miro and AWS AppFabric

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, innovation is a key driver for success. Organizations are constantly seeking ways to foster creativity, streamline processes, and improve collaboration to develop and deliver products or services quickly and at scale. Visual workspaces have emerged as a powerful solution, facilitating communication and ideation across teams and departments.

However, with the growing adoption of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications and various tools of choice within enterprises, maintaining access control has become a significant challenge for IT teams. With multiple tools in use, managing data flow and ensuring consistent security measures can be time-consuming and complicated. To add to the complexity, technology and product decision-makers demand a level of flexibility to choose the tools that best suit their workflows, which can sometimes bypass centralized security control measures. Balancing innovation and security becomes a delicate act, where both aspects must be catered to effectively.

Miro bridges the gap between innovation and improved security posture by its integration with AWS AppFabric. As an integrated application with AWS AppFabric, Miro customers benefit from enhanced security features and controls like normalized audit logs and user access.

“AWS AppFabric is dedicated to empowering teams to work with the tools they need to foster innovation and drive productivity,” says Federico Torreti, Head of Product for AWS AppFabric. “Miro’s integration with AppFabric enhances an organization’s security posture across their technology stack. AppFabric fully manages the integration with supported apps, like Miro, and automatically normalizes SaaS audit log data. Our no-code service enables IT and security teams to easily manage and secure applications using a standard schema, and soon improves productivity with generative AI capabilities.”

Miro is committed to addressing CIOs’ priorities by continuously developing and implementing features that enhance data security, streamline user management, and provide granular access control, so that organizations and their users benefit from a seamless and secure experience. Partnering with AWS and integrating with AppFabric is a step forward in fulfilling this commitment.

Maintaining access control while supporting organizational growth is no longer an unattainable dream. With the powerful combination of Miro’s visual workspace for innovation and AWS AppFabric’s enhanced security controls, organizations can strike a better balance between R&D and data protection.

AWS customers can try advanced features on Miro’s Business Plan for free. Access a code for AWS customers today.

—Robbie Strickland, Chief Information Officer at Miro

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