How to plan for success with Miro

Planning to revamp your website, organize a charity drive, or maybe a spring picnic with friends? According to PMI the success of your project is highly dependent on the planning stage. Research shows a strong correlation between planning and success, even when spending as little as only 20% of your time on planning. Spending that extra time in the beginning to prepare for anyl possible scenario could save your picnic from the rain and your project from derailing.

This time we’re turning to our community to find out new interesting ways to plan with Miro.

Below we feature six templates from our community, created to ensure your cross-functional project team and stakeholders have the same vision and expectations.

Mariam coordinates the content production for Miro templates and oversees Miroverse templates library publications. She is inspired by the Miro creators who turn an endless empty canvas into a universe of their own creation, and is passionate about sharing their work with others.


Image planning

By Monalisa Labrador, Lead designer, Plugable Technologies

Monalisa’s team uses this clean and organized template to share, review, and plan product photos and images. Miro allows large images to load in a single place and facilitators to ask for feedback and brainstorm cross-functionally.

Planning with purpose

By Carla Figueira, Product designer, Toasty

This board helps fully remote teams plan and scope ongoing projects. Its simplicity and visual appeal make this template an excellent asset for a distributed team. Use this board in combination with your team huddles and to track progress.

Goal setting

By Saaleha Shamsi, Executive assistant, Crawford Collaborative Consulting

Plan with the long term goals in mind. As your team enters a new quarter or year, make sure your milestones and projects align to the broader vision.

Project planning

By Freddie Gibbons, Consultant, Sense Worldwide

This template has three valuable sections to help you organize your entire project cycle from the initial kickoff to weekly deliverables while keeping it collaborative and flexible for incorporating new ideas.

People’s choice award: Prioritize your scenario

By Andrea Panzavolta, Facilitator, Formattiva

The top-voted template in the planning category was inspired by the EASW method (European Awareness Scenario Workshop), developed by the European Commission’s Innovation Programme in 1994 to promote awareness and planning for sustainability in the urban environment

Judge’s choice: Agile roadmap planning

By Jennifer Fox, Head of product and operations, Sesh

The judges chose this template for its unique combination of Gannt tracker and tables to capture project requirements. This beautiful board is easy to replicate and use for any initiative that requires an agile and transparent approach.

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