Explore Miroverse, the new Community Templates Gallery

Every day, Miro users are creating and collaborating in ways we’d never dreamed up. It’s only by seeing all these projects in the wild we get a glimpse into the possibilities. And what we’ve seen so far is amazing.

Many people have already been sharing their boards on social media and in the Miro online community, but we wanted to find a way to bring all of these incredible examples together in a dedicated place that’s useful and actionable for everyone who uses Miro.

… That’s why we created Miroverse.

Miroverse is our new Community Templates Gallery, giving all Miro users a platform to share their tried-and-tested workflows and templates with the world. Now, anyone can discover, use, and customize templates from the Miro community, with a few simple clicks.

To kick off Miroverse, we’ve collected boards from 50 Miro power users into a single, searchable gallery – and this is just the start! We’re already looking at ways to improve discoverability, collaboration, and connections.

Ever wanted to know how Coda approaches a seemingly blank space when whiteboarding and framing ideas? CEO and co-founder, Shishir Mehrotra offers a glimpse into his approach.

Interested in how Mailchimp identifies what questions to ask in user research? Senior User Experience Researcher Julia Cowing has got you covered.

Even considered what a service blueprint is and how can it benefit you? Xero has something that can help.

Today we go live with workflows, projects, and frameworks like:

We would love to hear from you. Join the likes of Shishir, Julia, Stan, and the team at Xero (and many more!) by sharing your boards here.


We couldn’t have reached this point without our first contributors, so thank you to Agency in the Wild, AgileVerse, AJ&Smart, Alex Gilev, Alex Ivanov, Alexander van Riesen, Alina Trigubenko, Ana and Raz, Andrej Ktitarev, Anthony Murphy, Atlassian, Berke Atasoy, Board of Innovation, Dan Wilkinson, Danny Carvajal, David Beckett, Deanna Gilbert, Dries De Roeck, Elena Verna, Erin ‘Folletto’ Casali, Frank Krieger, Gisella Fama, Hyper Island, Iris Latour, ITX Design Team, Jay Melone, JD Jones, Jen Goertzen, Josh Zak, Judith Birmoser, Julia Cowing, Konstantin Sokhan, Laura Yarrow, Luciano Wehrli, Luke Machowski, Maíra Rahme, Matthew Stephens, Maximilian Schneider-Ludorff, Mirko Kleiner, Oana Chisalom, Richard Kasperowski, RUBICON, Salman Farsi, Shishir Mehrotra, Simone Cicero, Slalom Philadelphia, Stan Khrustalev, Steph Cruchon, Targetprocess, Theo Johnson, Tim Gerbrecht, Tim Herbig, Toby Sinclair, Tom Verbist, Wonderfull, Xero, and Yuval Eitan.

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