Introducing the Miro Developer Platform 2.0, now in beta

Introducing the Miro Developer Platform 2.0, now in beta

Miro is all about empowering teams to build the next big thing. With our redesigned Miro Developer Platform 2.0, launching in beta today, we’re making it easier for third-party developers and partners to build and customize integrations to support Miro’s community of 30 million users.

Featuring a refreshed set of APIs, a new Web SDK, and our Live Embed, the Miro Developer Platform 2.0 empowers you and your teams to connect Miro to the tools and services you use every day, opening up new opportunities for creativity, brainstorming, and collaboration. With a library of all-new documentation and code samples, you’ve got all the info you need to get started.

A look inside Miro’s new developer platform

As Miro has grown and evolved, the needs of the developer platform have also evolved. The Miro Developer Platform 2.0 is built for scalability and reliability, with APIs and SDK that have been redesigned to be easy to use and to enable rapid development, based on feedback from our growing developer community (thank you!). In less than three minutes, you can get oriented and start building impactful Miro apps.

New features and updates include:

  • Revamped APIs for managing Miro boards and content that enable automation of workflows and synchronization with other content management systems
  • New APIs that enable Enterprise Admins to automate the management of teams and secure the way their organization uses Miro
  • A new and improved Web SDK for building apps that enrich your boards with dynamic content, including data visualizations, video clips, polls, and games
  • A slate of updated documentation, including new demo apps, guides, tutorials, and starter applications

Unlike other platforms in our space, the Miro Developer Platform 2.0 enables developers to build both client-side and server-side apps that can be deployed privately within an organization or published in the Miro Marketplace for use by Miro’s 30+ million users.

By using the Miro Developer Platform, you can unlock new use cases for your teams and develop innovative ways for Miro to be used in your organization and around the world. You’ll also have access to our thriving community of Miro developers and developer advocates to support you as you build.

Get started with the Miro Developer Platform 2.0 today

We are continuously evolving and improving our platform to support our partners and developers. To collaborate with us on this unfolding journey, we invite you to chime in on the developer forum and join the new community channel in Discord for live chat. You can also review our public roadmap to see what we’re working on, request new features, vote, and share feedback.

Ready to get started? Head to the Miro Developer Platform to start building your next big thing.

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