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Case study: Miro interactive coaching

Hey everyone! Today we are happy to share an interesting case study about Interactive coaching with Miro. Anaiis Salles, Founder at Tech Talk Cooperative, shared her online whiteboarding experience with us, and we are happy to show you how Miro can be useful for coaching and even become a ‘silent business partner’. Let’s read this blog post written by Anaiis Salles.

TechTalk Cooperative’s technology coaching and online project management business is very specific – my niche is communicating left-brain technical concepts to right-brain online business owners. Clients like to “see” ideas, action steps, the implementation process, and results. Miro has become a silent partner in my business and interactive coaching sessions in the last four months.

As a start-up business owner having a corporate partner that meets my business model budget goals is, well, …stellar! With Miro, very little hard drive memory use and permanent cloud storage opens up a vast treasure chest of rich, interactive communication material.

Miro has become a silent

Before I found Miro, my clients and I really struggled to effectively meet the needs associated with right-brain learning styles. I had invested in another product for program/content delivery that just wasn’t a good fit – it was difficult to use, too segmented, and literally too “boxy.”

I use Miro in fluid, creative combinations.The whiteboard format is flexible, making it easy to update or change information. Miro sharing features are phenomenal. So are the presentation and screenshot features. Google Chrome extension updates each time a team member or client uses our interactive learning spaces. Firefox provides better support for the video/chat functionality; knowing this, we open whichever browser works for task plans. Additionally, I use Miro for group and private VIP interactive coaching by creating unique boards for each customer’s needs.

Once Tech Talk Cooperative clients visualize the journey we need to take in creating a strategic tech plan, they become open to next steps – we can all see what our next steps are. Resistance to technology or intimidation by new or unfamiliar technology fades fast. I augment Miro use, coordinating technical information presented on our boards with instructional blog posts, audio files on our members website, and file sharing in Google Drive – love the ‘save in Google Drive’ feature…

Productivity off the charts!

Once Miro interactive learning spaces are established:

  1. Clients are free to explore relevant and custom how-to videos, relevant articles, eBooks, concept relationships all in one place.

  1. Clients access their boards when it’s convenient in their time zones.

  1. Clients can review any one segment of information as many times as they need to move forward to next steps.

  1. Teams save massive amounts of face-to-face meeting time and the meetings you do have are more productive, focused and action oriented.

Interactive coaching examples

Tech Talk Cooperative uses boards for:

  • Mind mapping projects, big or small

  • Coaching program delivery to coaching clients

  • Brainstorming/Team

  • Brainstorming/Mastermind Clients

  • Project Planning/Team

  • Client proposals

  • Project Planning/VIP Clients (online project management services)

Anaiis Salles, life coach, uses boards to create pictures of personal growth/insight:

  • Empathy

  • Maintaining Inner Balance

As a life coach, I love teachable moments. I can’t share my clients’ private vision/coaching boards, but here’s an vision board I made for my granddaughter. She’s a competitive gymnast. I use Miro to help her with her inner game.

Let’s take a look at one Miro I use in Tech Talk Cooperative’s marketing communications.

Anaiis Salles Interactive Coaching

This mindmap  communicates basic concepts about “must have” tech essentials for small online businesses. This conceptual presentation structure is especially powerful for lifestyle businesses linking to and from offline services and online presence. This image guides Tech Talk Cooperative clients with right-brain learning styles toward concrete, left-brain solutions. Clients see the plan and know they’ll get the information to move them through each technical cluster.

As a tech coach with a business model intersecting with  instructional design, here are the top five features I value most about Miro.

  1. interactive in real time; great for my global village of clients in many time zones
  2. being able to update and reorganize information quickly and letting my clients know there has been a change
  3. excellent teaching resource for my business niche – right brain learners; left-brain learners have few issues with mastering technology and so don’t need my business services
  4. ease of uploading content and the video/chat functions for client meetings
  5. I’m an artist working in technology; I love going back to my creative roots. An unlimited capacity for creating boards for me, my team, and my clients makes the work day and organizing projects much more fun.

Here’s another example of an interactive program module:

Anaiis Salles Coaching Model

Articles, eBooks, instructional video, teleseminar links all in one location creates an efficient private learning environment where I meet with clients in real-time coaching sessions.

Another of my favorite interactive module focuses on the topic of SEO. Take a look at this huge board and you’ll see an infographic with its range of information organized in digestible chunks. Clients focus on a narrow scope of planning and action steps until the entire topic of SEO is accounted for in their business model.

I’ve generated a short desk top video which will demo more about how I use Miro for Tech Talk Cooperative. Enjoy!

Thanks, Miro! For the pleasure of sharing a few examples of how to use Miro in your business. This is such a powerful resource. It’s easy to use, and the service team is responsive, attentive and solutions-oriented.

From Miro team: Anaiis, thank you very much for your support and for sharing this awesome case about interactive coaching, it inspires us to do more and more and become better. 


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