Miro Developer Platform recognized at 2023 DevPortal Awards

Many of you might only know Miro as the visual collaboration workspace, but we also have a Developer Platform, an ecosystem of tools and services that supports and accelerates app development on top of Miro. 

Since Miro’s Developer Platform 2.0 launched in 2022, we’ve introduced dozens of new features and capabilities to help developers build apps and integrations that work not only for them and their unique use cases, but also might add value to your own day-to-day work if you install them from the Miro Marketplace, a growing hub of custom apps that helps Miro users get the most out of Miro. 

This developer-focused work has paid off, which is why we’ve been honored to receive multiple special awards at this year’s DevPortal Awards, and to be ranked number 2 overall out of 59 developer portals evaluated this year. Read on to learn more about these achievements, why Miro was recognized, and why — if you’re a developer — you should try the Miro Developer Platform.

What are the DevPortal Awards?

The DevPortal Awards showcase innovative leaders and their developer portals, or platforms, in the API and interface space. Each year, the ceremony celebrates the best developer portals that push the boundaries of what a developer portal and developer experience should be not only for today, but also for tomorrow.

This year, 59 companies participated in the competition across a dozen categories, with well-recognized names like Mastercard, Spotify, RingCentral, BigCommerce, FedEx, Shell, Visa, Chase, Dolby, KLM/Air France, Mercedes-Benz, React.dev, and many others.

The DevPortal Awards seeks the most outstanding solutions with the help of experienced jurors, volunteers with experience with API programs, developer portals, and API documentation. In 2023, the jury spent two months evaluating the nominees, and awards were presented in November at two separate galas.

Now, let’s see what Miro was recognized for — and why. 

Winner: Best New Developer Experience Innovation 

At the first gala, the Miro Developer Platform snagged the Best New DX (Developer Experience) Innovation award. We believe this recognition is in part due to the Developer Hub, launched in June. 

“Miro just gets it. They know who they’re talking to and how to talk to them”

Juror at DevPortal Awards

We built the Developer Hub in an effort to activate more developers by creating a one-stop shop with consolidated onboarding guides, tutorials, demo apps, and interactive training materials. It features an embedded code editor for seamless hands-on learning, as well as a unique “Where’s Miro?” scavenger hunt challenge to test and refine one’s skills in a fun and engaging way.

Miro Scavenger hunt screenshot

The Developer Hub is more than just a tool; it’s a centralized, self-service place to discover learning content, gain recognition for one’s achievements, and become a more experienced Miro app developer.

Winner: Best Onboarding Experience

At the second gala later in the month, Miro received two awards, starting with Best Onboarding Experience. This award recognizes how Miro introduces new developers to the Developer Platform, making their journey easy and engaging from the get-go. This year, we delivered a reimagined developer onboarding program, with step-by-step guides and progress tracking. 

In addition, we provide comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and ongoing guides to empower developers with the knowledge they need to effectively build apps and integrations. All of this reduces the barrier to entry and fosters a positive learning experience. 

“Miro offers all the standard documentation and example apps that you would expect from a developer portal, then layers on an onboarding experience so pleasant and simple it creates a desire to build on the platform even if you’re completely unfamiliar with the product.”

Laura Vass, Pronovix co-founder and organizer of the DevPortal Awards

Runner up: Best Community Outreach & Support

The Developer Platform was also recognized for its supportive and thriving developer community, and was runner-up for  Best Community Outreach & Support.

We know that our success is due to a cross-channel, multi-pronged approach. Our developer relations team and developer advocates are active on Discord, where we host bi-weekly live Q&A sessions with members of the team. We also host regular events such as webinars and hackathons, and share short how-to videos and more on YouTube. We share code samples and open-source projects on GitHub. We regularly attend tech conferences for face-to-face interactions. And of course, we regularly share updates and answer your questions in our own community forum.

Plus, we celebrate our community members and their achievements through developer spotlight stories that inspire and motivate others. Not only that, but we encourage developers to actively help shape the Developer Platform product roadmap by inviting feedback via community feedback, beta programs, and more.

Special mention: Best Overall Developer Portal Enterprise of the Year 

In addition to these three awards, the Developer Platform team received a special mention for the Best Overall Developer Portal Enterprise of the Year. This is a rare honor, and was the first time in DevPortal Awards history that the jury panel dedicated a call-out for a nominee.

“The Miro Developer Platform executes on a very high difficulty score with a great design and an outstanding developer experience component. After onboarding, the user immediately gets “in the workspace experience”, seeing the tool in action on one of their own boards. This embedded interactive experience, which we believe was technically hard to pull off, was done brilliantly. The tutorials offer excellent gamification, creating a fun onboarding experience that builds on itself. It’s also very nice to see the team’s commitment to their Miro community. It is a holistic proposition with a changelog, roadmap, testing out features, going way beyond the basics.”

Laura Vass, Pronovix co-founder and organizer of the DevPortal Awards

In this last category all 59 nominees across all categories were evaluated. Normally a runner-up is not announced, but the decision was so close this year that an exception was made. The Miro Developer Platform came in close behind Facebook’s React platform — a widely recognized and leading framework in web development.

It’s remarkable for our young portal, having launched the reimagined Developer Platform 2.0 just last year, to stand alongside the more established names in the industry.

Achieving this level of recognition within just 18 months of launching our platform is a significant accomplishment. It highlights Miro’s dedication to providing a world-class developer experience. 

If you’re new to the Miro Developer Platform, it’s easy to get started. Check it out today.

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