Zero Waste Business Model Canvas


The Zero Waste Business Model Canvas serves all businesses at any stage. It informs a business' shift from the linear and short-term focus on customer to crafting long-term value in products and services for and together with users and society. Utilize it for brainstorming, discussions, and strategic planning.

An ambitious and successful zero-waste business development journey begins here!


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Evelina Lundqvist
Business consultant, facilitator@The Good Tribe
Evelina Lundqvist (1981) is a sustainable business development and capacity-building consultant (20+ years of experience), born in Sweden and based in Austria. She's an avid zero waste, circular economy, interculturalism, and antiracism advocate—and a serial co-founder, co-creator, and award-winning social entrepreneur. Evelina holds an MBA in Business Ethics and CSR from Danube University, Austria.
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