What Would They Do? Your Personal Workbook


When one is new to the industry, fresh out of Uni, everything can feel quite overwhelming. In some situations, one might even not know what to do, or even how to present themselves. This is when having a framework can really help your career growth. A framework for leveling up in your career. A framework like What Would They Do? So, how does this work?

During the session at Medium Day, a free virtual conference by Medium, I shared more information about this framework and how a simple question like “What Would They Do?” can not only be helpful for a fresher but also for someone more seasoned. This talk was followed by a live Q&A where all burning questions were answered.

In the meantime, since visualization is a great way to learn and retain information, use this Miro board as your own copy of event notes (pre-event) or as a quick recap of what we learned during the session (post-event). You can also use this Miro board as your personal workbook by filling up the prompts under each step and jotting down your private notes. This is your workbook, feel free to scribble as you may!

Happy learning!


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Clyde D'Souza
Software Engineer and Author
Hi, I'm Clyde. I'm a software engineer based in Auckland, New Zealand. I write about various technologies, teach online classes, make videos, and I'm also the author of a children's bedtime storybook!
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