Wall Of Justice


Wall Of Justice' / User Feedback Template

LEAP.'s 'Wall of Justice' or User Feedback Template is a collaborative Miro board template that serves as a visual tool to capture user feedback in a structured and organized way.

This template will guide you through a proven process of gathering data during user testing. This will result in color-coded feedback that is easy to understand, and by any team member. Such an approach enables the researcher or interviewer to document user feedback quickly and effectively whilst empowering the synthesis of results for the next round of iteration.

Often used within LEAP's Product Sprint, this enables any product team to collect feedback to help with communicating back to the business.

How to use this template:

This same template is used every week for capturing the data from 5 users in Design Sprints.

  1. Use the step-by-step interview guide. Perfect for first-time interviews or brush up if you're an expert with the handy tips!

  2. Log the users name, their interview times and contact details in the same convenient board where their feedback is.

  3. Capture background questions from your users to ensure they meet the requirements.

  4. Upload product screenshots to help you align your feedback with the right screen.

  5. Use the colour 'legend' to help you quickly capture if the feedback is positive (green), negative (orange), a highlight (pink) or a comment (yellow).

  6. Use the closing questions to capture even more data about the product, even when they have closed the prototype!

  7. Keep the data fresh by answering the post interview questions as soon as you've concluded the interview.

Who is it for?

  • User Researchers

  • Design Sprint Facilitators

  • Scaling startups that run user testing on their own

  • Researchers, Designers or Product Teams

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