Visual Standup


Using a digital canvas, our 30min visual stand-up is a daily team ritual where the members present their work - past, present and future (complete with stickies, emojis, memes and songs).

Stand-ups increase design visibility, improve collaboration, help everyone get up to speed and support our DesignOps at scale.

STAND-UP PREP Team members spend some time updating their stand-up boards before meeting, ensuring that no time is lost in between awkward silences and the agenda items can be navigated efficiently. ⏱️10min

Welcome + Tone The Host welcomes the team and facilitates a quick round-robin catch up, keeping things authentic and fun. This is the perfect opportunity for the team to connect on a personal level. ⏱️10min

Board WALKTHROUGHS The Host then reviews each board (in no particular order, as variation is good), covering the visual agenda on items from Yesterday, Today, Notes, GIF of the day, Song of the day, and show & tell. ⏱️20min


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