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At ITX, our team members and clients are located all across the world, which makes remote collaboration critical to our success. Our team has found Design Sprints to be an invaluable tool, and for this reason we set out to translate Design Sprints into the virtual environment.

Our board is inspired by the 4 day sprint. The board itself is relatively self-explanatory as it contains plenty of instructional material, but there are some key things to note. First, the board is organized by days and activities, following an agenda that can be easily modified. Also of note is that in addition to the standard design sprint activities, the board includes: facilitator notes, icebreakers, ways to collect participant feedback, a retrospective board, an organized list of frames for instruction, and a resource section. By default, the board is set up for 6 participants + 1 decider but can flex to accommodate additional participants and modified activities.

To assist the facilitator, we also created a Kanban board that provides quick access to curated information about what to do before, during, and after the design sprint. This can be found on the Miro board.

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ITX delivers technology products that solve challenging problems for our clients. We service clients in 40 states and seven countries. We're headquartered in Rochester, NY and currently have about 230 team members that are distributed across the globe.
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