Validation Techniques for Founders


Navigate the critical path of problem validation, expertly crafted for startup founders. This template guides you through the essential process of ensuring that the problem you aim to solve is not only relevant but also significant to your target users.

How to use the template?

  1. Understand problem validation.

    • Grasp the essence of problem validation as the practice of verifying the relevance and importance of the problem you're addressing for your users.

  2. Understand why you need to validate a problem.

    • Save resources by avoiding investment in the wrong solutions, and enhancing your startup's success rate by focusing on the right problem-solution fit.

  3. Understand when you need to validate a problem.

    • Before product development: Validate to ensure a sufficient user base and scalability potential.

    • Post-product development: Validate new features to ensure they effectively address user problems.

  4. Find out how to validate a problem.

    • Define your customer persona, assess market size, and understand your competitive landscape.

    • Generate problem hypotheses. Utilize our Problem Hypothesis Generation template to articulate assumptions about your problem.

    • Test your most critical problem hypothesis. Follow a 7-step guide to experiment and validate your hypotheses by choosing significant, low-effort hypotheses, selecting validation methods, setting experiment parameters, and documenting learnings.

5. Explore various methods for problem validation.

  • Methods include surveys, user interviews, low-cost marketing tactics, observing user behavior, and developing prototypes or minimal viable products (MVPs).

Who is this template for?

This template is designed for startup founders, product managers, and entrepreneurs dedicated to creating solutions that precisely meet market needs.


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