User Story Mapping with Walkthrough


The Bluefruit Software user story mapping template offers a framework to help businesses prioritise software development.

Why this user story mapping template?

Going through user story mapping can help businesses find where and when to prioritise activities for software projects. But we understand that not everyone knows of user story mapping, so we built this board so that people new to the process wouldn’t get lost.

Why do user story mapping?

User story mapping gets you to consider a product and its software by thinking about:

  • Users and their context;

  • The activities these users are trying to carry out;

  • The steps involved in that activity;

  • The details of the steps involved in those activities;

  • How this all links to desired user and business outcomes.

The story map can help you see how the user currently interacts with your product so that you can then talk about the future. A user story map can help you find what could deliver the right outcomes. It will help you see the gaps where you can do something and better prioritise software development.

How this template helps you

With this template, you can take yourself and your stakeholders through a user story mapping session and help everyone understand what each element does as you do.

The template here offers two frames to start with: one with a walkthrough of how each piece of user story mapping works together. The other is a blank board ready for you and your workshop attendees to fill in as you go through the process of user story mapping.


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