User Guide to Me


Often called a 'manual of me', personal user guides are a fantastic way to explain what it's like to work with you on a single page. This simple worksheet guides you to create a beautifully organized 101 guide to YOU.

It's perfect for anyone starting a new role, getting to know a new team, or kicking off a project. In fact, it's just a great all-round exercise in self-awareness.

It's fun to fill in, fun to customize, and fun to read. Still not sure? Here's mine!

In 19 super-short sections, you will:

  • Introduce yourself

  • Summarise your values and approach

  • Outline your strengths and growth areas

  • Paint a picture of your personal interests and passions

  • Be completely transparent about everything you need to be happy and productive at work

It contains:

  • Your one-page personal user guide, blank for you to fill in

  • An expansion pack of extra questions

  • 2 support pages featuring questions that guide you to write more comprehensive answers

  • 6 articles and examples to inspire you

The results?

  • More self-awareness

  • Increased empathy & trust

  • Open communication

  • Psychological safety

  • More efficient delivery

  • Better teamwork

What you can do with your user guide:

  • Save it as an image or PDF and share it in Notion or your company's intranet

  • Attach it to your LinkedIn or bio page for total transparency

  • Run this activity as a workshop or asynchronous exercise for your team, then compile and share everyone's user guides in one big board

  • Customize it with your company branding and colors

  • Edit it to make it as short or as long as you like


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Gaby Turner
Content Strategist
I'm a content specialist who's spent over 15 years helping large enterprises redesign their websites, simplify their processes, and define their unique brand voice. I started out writing TV ads, and became a UX writer, a content strategist, a mentor and a professional simplifier. I've learnt how to bring order to chaos - and with these templates, you can do that too.
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