UEFA EURO 2024 Editable Diagram


UEFA EURO 2024 Editable Diagram

What is it?

This is a comprehensive diagram of all the Euro 2024 matches, ideal for use as an icebreaker, especially for international remote distributed teams. It's also a fun way to show Mironewbies the capabilities of Miro.

What's included:

  • Kickoff times (CET)

  • Group Overview

  • all Matches

  • the paths to the final

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to track the progress of Euro 2024 and update it as the tournament progresses. You can also create predictions for each team member, add scoring, and so on.

Have fun!


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Andreas Lindenberg
I specialize in helping individuals and teams in introducing a new way of working with a practical approach. This involves changing the way they think and collaborate in their professional practice – putting Digital Transformation into action. Miro is my daily go-to; I've seen it, loved it, and am now hooked. Whether working solo or collaboratively, it's the centerpiece of my 'digital life,' bridging gaps that other tools can't.
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