Three-Year Long-Horizon Schedule



This is essentially a flexible product roadmap, an input sheet of bets to make. It does not act as an outcome report (data and insight attributions/feedback from bets made). It should be used for communication purposes across business functions. It should not be used to maintain conformance to a plan, as that leaves no room for discovery and iteration. That said, this outcome-based roadmap is a strategic communication tool, not a feature release planner. It is a prototype for your strategy— a protovision or visiontype. It’s not a detailed, unchangeable plan of what’s to come. Use it to spark discussion and support debate about plans, actions, and outcomes, which hopefully reduces knowledge, alignment, and effects gaps as it relates to your corporate/business strategy and mission.

Feel free to use this template in Miro; however, I recommend building on this framework in tools such as Notion, Confluence, Coda, ClickUp, or Airtable.


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Matt Lane
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I am a product architect. I define business opportunities, course correct the product development process, and design organizations to manage innovation and harvest effective product cultures.
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