This or That


A simple and fun way for team members to get to know each other by asking them to choose between two comparable options and explain their reasoning.

How to:

  1. Copy this template

  2. Prior to meeting, prepare pairs of options to present to the group (the more options, the longer the activity will be)

  3. Present participants with two comparable options

  4. Ask participants to vote by dragging a dot to their preferred option

  5. Invite them to share their choice and explain for further engagement.

Other considerations:

  • Ask participants to come up with their own pairs of options for others to choose between

  • Adapt to different groups or settings by creating options around a relevant theme. You can show some personality!

  • If you want to learn about your group or think you’ll be working with them a lot, try asking group-related questions!

  • To make this activity more focused on work, ask questions around group members’ communication preferences or working styles rather than theoretical questions. For example:

    • Meetings vs asynchronous communications

    • Work early vs work late

    • Prep work vs no prep work


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