The Treehouse of Horror Retrospective


The Simpsons Halloween Special Retrospective

1. Set the stage 👻

A great ice breaker before the actual retrospective starts is to ask your tea what their favorite scary movie is.

2. Generate insights 🎃

  • What brings our users “joy”? How have we delighted them this sprint…

  • The monkey paw, has granted you one wish? Without any fear or constraints, what would you wish we started doing?

  • Are we doing anything that is ‘self-damaging’? What could be improved and how…

  • What is switched to “evil”? What do we do that is bad…

  • Who’s out of this world? Nominate a “star of the sprint”!

3. Affinity Sorting and Dot Voting 🍩

Ask participants to scan the board, and cluster/group similar sticky notes into themes. Each participant has “5 donut votes” to distribute as they wish e.g. use them on their own, vote more than once per idea, etc.

4. Retro “Bart” 🎯

To determine the return of time invested, encourage participants to place a Bart Dart into each of the three statements:

- We talked about what is important to me?

- I spoke openly?

- I’m confident things will improve?

From the inner thing 100% confidence/in-line with the statement to the outer 0% in agreement.

All the visuals were hand drawn by Steven Sampson-Jones, Delivery Principal at Made Tech.


Steven Sampson-Jones image
Steven Sampson-Jones
Head of Agile Delivery@UK Government
An enthusiastic doodler and visual artist, who enjoys putting those interests into agile workshops.
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