The Milky Way Enterprise Map


Regardless if you are a co-worker, management team member or consultant helping an organization, this board template helps you map out, navigate and analyze an enterprise from small businesses with just 20 people to large complex organizations or global companies.

What is the Milky Way?

The Milky Way is an enterprise map. A map showing what you do in which order, what applications you use while doing this, what information needs to be communicated between different parts of the enterprise as well as how you interact with your customers and partners.

The business world is changing in an ever faster way. The modern organizational world, with new innovations, short product cycles, new competitors, new partnerships, new value propositions, digitalization demands - is a navigational challenge.

More text based information in silos is not working. We need a fast and comprehensive way to organize different stakeholder perspectives, to create a shared understanding about where we are today, what we are doing, how we create value etc, and where we want to be tomorrow. We need less information not more. Information that can be quickly communicated and easily understood.

The Milky Way is giving us a tool, a method and a way of doing and accomplishing all of this, in the form of a Map. A map where all Stakeholders can collaboratively map things out, merge different perspectives, information, and combine different viewpoints.

Use the Milky Way to…

Use The Milky Way Map to create better understanding, shared knowledge, more "aha" moments, faster decision making, since all stakeholders are able to use the same common base map, add on different information perspectives onto that base map, working together. Combining business value, value flows, organization information, process, and IT perspectives. All of this to Accelerate Change - maybe the only ability today, to create competitive advantage and to secure survival of the organization.

What are the steps?

The steps are easy:

  • You Map out the enterprise Value Flow with the Hub and add Business Capabilities

  • You use different overlays on the Map to Navigate the enterprise

  • You Accelerate Change by using the Map to understand and see business challenges faster

  • Start mapping - you will create your first map in less than 30 minutes…

Use the Milky Way Map here in Miro, invite more colleagues as you go along, add information, perspectives and knowledge create a shared map, a shared understanding, a shared negotiated reality.

Happy Mapping, Navigating and Analyzing!

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Alexander van Riesen
Management Consultant - Hybrid Thinker@Innovation TBD AB
Management Consultant, Senior Business Advisor, Innovation Director, Visionary Entrepreneur, and Hybrid Thinker. Alexander has worked the last +20 years, successfully helping companies and organizations, from start-ups to multinational enterprises, to understand how their business is being disrupted by digitalization. And how they can navigate the new landscape and change their businesses to survive and be more competitive.
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