The Course Design Canvas


The Course Design Canvas is a tool which allows a course to be easily designed quickly by considering its most important elements and viewing them simultaneously. This comprehensive visual helps facilitate understanding among the main stakeholders regarding all aspects of the course, while allowing each section to be designed in detail.

We believe in a customized approach to learning by offering training solutions that are based on real conversations with the client to understand their specific needs, preferences, and restrictions. Many times, a standard course may be suitable, but on other occasions it is necessary to customize and create a tailored course. To facilitate custom course creation, we designed The Course Design Canvas in 2016.

Inspired by tools with similar formats such as the Business Model Canvas or Lean Canvas, the primary benefit of The Course Design Canvas is its simplicity and ability to visually design a training solution alongside your client that takes all their needs into account. In this sense, it greatly facilitates understanding and communication in a fast and effective way.


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