Team Building

Team Self-assessment

Most teams operate on auto-pilot with little thought given to how people fit and grow together. Stopping and doing this exploration is not only a great exercise to bring the team closer together, but also surface challenges or tensions which otherwise might go unsaid.

This workshop looks at 4 areas 

  • team relations and environment - how does the team work together? what blocks/enables them?

  • team purpose - what's the team's why?

  • communication and decision-making - how does communications happen in the team? What helps/hinders information flow?

  • learning and individual development - how team members learn and develop?

It first allows individuals to reflect for themselves before collaborating together to create a map of actions for further exploration.

The aim is to surface challenges and tensions which otherwise might go unsaid and create a list of actionable tasks and topics for further discussion.


Lech works with organisational leaders to design and deliver cultural transformation to improve ways of working, collaboration and trust. He also host 'we got this' a company culture focused podcast.

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