BB - Team Resources - Star Wars Theme


The Star Wars-themed building block (BB) is a more complex component of the team board, designed to facilitate interaction with the team on non-work-related matters. It focuses on providing information about workflows, guidelines, resources, that are spreaded in multiple areas. It aims to create a dedicated area for the information needed on daily basis, to allow the team to focus on prioritized tasks.

By splitting the board into building blocks, you gain a more versatile approach to using this template, allowing you to tailor it to the specific needs of your team.


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Chanez Khatirová
Delivery Coach@ACTUM Digital
Hi there!👋🏻 I'm Chanez, and some people might say I'm still a kid 👶🏼at heart, well maybe... My mind is always buzzing with ideas on how to turn the ordinary into something fun. I count myself lucky🍀 to be surrounded by inspiring, imaginative folks, which inspires me to look for ways, how to give our teams a cheer, and playground 🛝 experience.
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