Team Purpose Workshop


Every team needs to find their WHY. A team purpose can help define this and set the direction for your team. Collective Team purpose can also give you guidelines and direction that will help a team make decisions. 

This Team Purpose template will help you run a 2,5 - 3 hours session with your team and discover your WHY. 

When to use the Team Purpose workshop?

Whether you are a team coach, a facilitator, a team leader, or an HR executive, you can use this template to discover the collective team purpose – agreeing on what the team can do together that it cannot do by working in parallel. It is better to do this workshop with a newly created team. But you can also do it with any team that needs alignment in the way they do their work, including internal processes and communications, interactions with stakeholders, understanding common goals, etc. And you can do it every year to help the team stay focused on what is important.

How to work with the Team Purpose workshop?

This template will guide you through 5 steps:

  1. Introduction to Miro for those who use it for the first time (5 min)

  2. Intro icebreaker to introduce facilitator and all the team members (15 min)

  3. Getting expectations from the session (20 min)

  4. Purpose discovery (90 min)

  5. Roundup, feedback, and close (20 min)

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Daria Rudnik
Team Architect | Founder@Daria Rudnik Coaching & Consulting
Daria is a certified team & leadership coach, PCC ICF, EMCC ITCA, with 15 years of international executive experience in people and organization development. She teachers HR and Leadership at MSU Business School. Daria creates brilliantly successful virtual teams by leveraging their cognitive and cultural diversity.
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