Team Charter



A Team Charter is a living document and belongs to all team members. It is probably the most important tool to create trust in our relationships and to focus on collaboration & cooperation.


We do this because a Team Charter creates a container that invites a trusting environment.

A high-trust environment allows us to significantly increase our chances of success.


  • Invite your team to a workshop.

  • Organize a facilitator, who guides you through the process.

  • Answer one question at a time and discuss the answers as a group.

  • Uncover one of the question categories and create your team charter together.

  • Decide which answers will be included or how the answers will be included.

  • Gather all data and sign your Team Charter.

When should we come back and review the team charter?

Review the Team Charta anytime a new member joins, one leaves, or if any changes in roles and expectations may come up.


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Daniela Felser
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