Niko Niko Team Calendar


Niko-Niko (ニコニコ), stands for “smile”.

The Niko Niko Team Calendar helps you and your team to find out more about each other's happiness. For example, you can start a meeting with the Niko Niko Team Calendar.

How does it work?

  1. Open the board in your team meeting.

  2. Everyone, write your name on the board.

  3. Choose one of the dots.

  4. Change the colour for the day in the calendar overview when you meet your team.

  5. Let your colleagues know why you have chosen this dot. For example: "I chosed to colour my dot green as I had a great day. I completed a long pending task."


Make use of emojis, upload pictures, add some comments,... LET'S BE CREATIVE AND GIVE IT A TRY!


Copy and paste the calendar below to collect the NIKO NIKO calendars. Come back after some team meetings and see how the team's well-being changes.

Pros and cons

This method focuses on the motivation and well-being of team members. It provides a starting point to assess and strengthen the health of the team by taking a few minutes to talk about how team members feel. However, this method is a subjective assessment and is based on trust within the team, provided the answers are honest and open. Of course, the calendar can be customised and used according to your needs. A big advantage of the team calendar is that you can see how the answers change after some time.

Time needed:

~ 10 min for 6 team members


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Daniela Felser
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