Miro Talktrack Playground Board


Miro Talktrack is finally available for all users! 🎉

In this board you will be guided through what a Talktrack is and practical ways to use it at work, with a Talktrack! 🎥 

Board contents:

What is Talktrack?

  • What's special about Talktrack

  • Where to access Talktrack

  • Talktrack recording tips

Ways to use Talktrack

  • Talktrack for product management

  • Talktrack for UX design

  • Talktrack for program/project management

  • Other Talktrack use cases and workflows

Async work tips

  • What is async work

  • Tips for async work


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Sophia Chia
Product Marketing Lead@Miro
Product marketer passionate about topics in storytelling, flow states, and how to have more fun at work.
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