Summer Sizzle Icebreaker


This activity helps us break the ice during meetings and learn more about where everyone is from and our local cultures through food. This icebreaker is especially effective when working with teams and partners around the country. It’s always exciting to see a visual representation of everyone even if we may all be working remotely from home. Who knows? We might even be able to connect over some shared favorite foods! 


  • Drag a dot onto the map to represent where you are from or currently located. 

  • Connect your dot to a sticky note. 

  • On the sticky note, tell us what regional dish/favorite you would bring to a picnic or barbecue. 


Brandon Zhou image
Brandon Zhou
Project Consultant@Education Design Lab
Student at Dartmouth College. Government & Linguistics modified Neuroscience major. Sustainability minor. Community engager & educator.
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