Strategy is Creative!


Strategy is Creative! is a fully illustrated template that forms part of a comprehensive strategy toolkit. It is designed to be used as part of a guided collaborative workshop (or series of workshops). This is a structured step by step process with clear outputs to help you plan your strategy, it includes SOAR analysis, OKRs, 'Even Over' statements, simple prioritisation planning and more.

There are 4 main phases:

  1. Understanding where you currently are

  2. Defining your inspiring vision for the future

  3. Prioritising and planning for activation - what you will do, when you will do it and how you'll measure success

  4. Sharing your strategy to inspire different audiences

Strategy is Creative! includes 5 video Talktracks to easily guide you through the template.

Strategy should be an inclusive, collaborative and engaging team activity, not just for senior executives.

Define, create, share, activate.


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Steve Morris
Design Consultant@Mindshift Design Ltd
I’m a designer, strategic thinker, collaboration coach and workshop facilitator with over 25 years’ experience. I help people to use design as a strategic power tool for better outcomes.
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