Strategy Canvas with AI


What is it

The Strategy Canvas with AI template combines Miro and Chat GPT prompts to map out your competition and define what makes your company and/or product different.

Based on the epic work of Chan Kim & Renee Mauborgne, Authors of the Blue Ocean Strategy.

Why use it

  • Know your competition: Understand where they are investing to create value.

  • Spot Hidden Opportunities: Understand where customer needs are not in sync with the current offerings in the marketplace.

  • Stand Out: Create unique offerings that make you a category of one.

When to Use it

Seeking to diagnose the current market and prepare to create a value proposition for a business, product or service.

Who Should Use it

Strategy folk, Product Managers and Entrepreneurs seeing to differentiate their offering.


I run an award winning strategic design collective where we help organisations solve complex problems. Our approach is to build your team's confidence and capability to tackle the tough stuff, and make positive change happen.
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