Storyboards are a great tool to map out either an experience that you want to create or an experience that you are imagining. This process allows you to put it back in front of users to validate whether the needs you are expressing in the storyboard actually exist. What are the key moments, milestones, or ideas in an experience that we can react to? Get creative and put it out there!

Start by writing your story. Choose a single persona and storyline you’d like to focus on and, as a group, caption each step of your story. Be sure to gather diverse input from everyone in your group to surface ideas one person may not think of.

Next, you’ll want to create some basic visuals. Use images, icons, annotations, or simple sketches to set the scene for each step. These don’t need to be perfect. It’s important to keep in mind that they are only meant to help tell a story.

Collaborate with your team to find the best story!

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