Stakeholder Map


This template helps you analyze and understand relationships between significant stakeholders within a system or organization.

Stakeholder mapping is a powerful activity for understanding the relationship dynamics, requirements, motivations, and value exchanges for all the stakeholders involved in a project. This Stakeholder Map template helps you do it faster and more visually by arranging figures in concentric circles according to their significance for the project. To use this template, start by identifying all the relevant stakeholders and add them as names and figures in the various concentric rings in order of significance (the more significant, the closer they are to the center). Decide on who is in the very middle, and be prepared to change this as the analysis goes on. You might also like to think about the relationships between stakeholders: who gets what from whom? Are there any that many others depend on (indicated by more arrows radiating out from them)? How might they be better supported? Once you're finished, you might want to show it various stakeholders so that they can get greater clarity about the dynamics involved outside of their own individual interests.

This template includes a variety of different figure silhouettes to try. Sometimes using a silhouette that is a more accurate representation can be an effective way to increase empathy and understanding across all stakeholders.


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