⚜️ Sonic Retrospective



This is a fun way to spice up your team retrospectives, drawing inspiration from the Sonic video games.


For Whom and When?

Perfect for teams in creative and tech fields, this template is a great fit for anyone looking for a more playful and imaginative spin on the usual retrospective process. Whether you're wrapping up a sprint or putting the finishing touches on a big project, this template is designed to add some extra fun to your review sessions.


Why use this template?

This template is all about encouraging creativity and problem-solving in a fresh and exciting way. It's designed to spark innovative ideas and make your retrospective meetings something everyone looks forward to.


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Petra Ivanigova
Delivery Coach Lead@ACTUM Digital.
Hi! 👋 I’m Petra, and I focus on improving the ways teams work and turn ideas into amazing products. My passion lies in streamlining processes, fostering innovation, and helping people to achieve their best.
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