Sonic Retrospective



Dive into a Sonic-inspired Retrospective, embracing adventure, agility, and teamwork. Reflect on the last sprint's highs and lows and strategize for future success.


Choose a Sonic character that mirrors your feelings about the last sprint. Share your thoughts on a sticky note next to your character.

Information Gathering:

The Scrum Master leads, with the team using sticky notes for insights.


  • Spiker: Identify major sprint obstacles.

  • Gold Rings: Discuss strategies for sustaining momentum.

  • Monster: Suggest new tools or strategies for challenges.

  • Chaos Emeralds: Share key achievements and insights.

  • Button: Highlight actions that positively impacted the project/team.

Generate Insight:

  • Group Discussion: Review notes at each station, with the Scrum Master facilitating deep dives into each topic.

  • Identify Themes: Spot common challenges or successes.

Action Planning:

  • Prioritize Actions: Propose and vote on improvement actions.

  • Action Items: Assign action owners for accountability.


Follow-up: Schedule a check-in to review action item progress.


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Ondrej Papanek
Agile Coach & Scrum Master@IT Management & Consulting International
I am a driven Agile Coach and Scrum Master with over six years of experience in leadership and software development. I am an Certified Scrum Professional ScrumMaster (CSP-SM), Facilitator and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO).
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