SMART Agile Product Roadmap


A product roadmap is a plan that shows how the product shall develop in a set timeframe. It helps you express where you want to take your product and why it's worth investing in. An agile product roadmap also helps with learning and making changes. One way to achieve these goals is by using a goal-oriented roadmap, which focuses on goals instead of many features.

Advantage of an agile goal-oriented roadmap

Goal-oriented roadmap change the discussion from arguing about tiny features to agreeing on common goals. This helps reduce conflict between those who see roadmap features as commitments and agile teams who only commit for a short period of time to align the roadmap on a high, goal based, level.

Formulating these goals the SMART way helps to establish criteria for effective goal-setting and objective development. SMART is an acronym used as a mnemonic device. 

How to set a SMART goal


  • What needs to be achieved?

  • Who’s responsible / takes ownership?

  • What is the change to the product?


  • What is your success metrics?

  • When do you know that you reached your goal?


  • Is your goal doable?

  • Is this realistic for your team?

  • Can you reasonably achieve this?


  • Why is this goal important in the big picture now: to you, the user, the organization, and the world?


  • What’s your time horizon? 

  • When will the team start and finish?

  • Milestones or deadlines ahead?


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