The SIPOC Template can be used as the first step in understanding the process being evaluated. This template is designed to be utilized as a brainstorming tool during the project documentation stage with a team to identify customers and suppliers (stakeholders).

How to use the SIPOC Template:

(Start with the Customers and work backwards)

Step 1: Customers

Brainstorm with the team to identify the customers who receive the output the process creates.

Step 2: Outputs

Articulate the outputs of the process that gets delivered to the customer.

Step 3: Inputs

Document the inputs that are needed to create the output.

Step 4: Suppliers

Identify who or what supplies the input required to create the output.

Step 5: Process

Describe the high-level steps that make up the process in 5 steps or less.

This template is a collaborative effort

Utilizing an approach of collaboration, Dagmar Vlahos and Thomas Lencki Jr. lead employees through their Lean journey.  They support all employees at all of the campuses in University System of New Hampshire through training, mentorship, and coaching. Using this approach Dagmar and Tom created this template together.

#Lean all day, every day!


Dagmar Vlahos image
Dagmar Vlahos
USNH Enterprise Lean Team@University System of New Hampshire
Dagmar is a Six Sigma Black Belt and Lean Master Black Belt. She is currently employed by the University System of New Hampshire where she mentors, and trains Lean practitioners as well as facilitates Lean project teams. Through the utilizing of Lean methodology her passion is to empower employees to have a voice and to increase employee engagement at work
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