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Service Blueprint Workshop

About Service Blueprint

Service blueprint is a visualisation of the whole service. In one comprehensive diagram, we present the customer's actions, their interactions with the service across all channels, internal interactions, and supporting actions.

It shows processes and interdependencies between all components involved in service delivery.

What is different about this template?

  • It is easy to scale - I noticed that there are already some templates for a service blueprint in the Miroverse. Don't get me wrong - they are all really cool. But I needed something that can be applied to a big, complicated process - thus it had to be easy to scale. I have used a table function in my template so that you can easily adjust the length of a process phase and height of a row if i.e. you want to add another streamline, like specific technology.

  • It is a workshop - I saw a lot of templates for the Service Blueprint itself but not a lot for the whole workshop that leads to this Service Blueprint creation. This is my proposition on how you can approach such workshop. I've added tips and some context.

Who is it for?

Everyone who wants to facilitate a Service Blueprint Workshop. But notice that I do not explain every step. I assume that you already know the concept and you are familiar with basic Service Blueprint structure. If you want to learn more I strongly recommend this article as a start: Norman Nielsen Group. Service Blueprint: Definition.

Cover background image by Maxim Berg on Unsplash.


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Lidia Olszewska
Service Designer@Roche
Lidia Olszewska is currently a Product Manager for the Design System and a Service Designer. She creates frameworks, systems and Design-ops tools to help product teams focus on their value-bringing work.

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