Service Blueprint to the Metaverse


We live in reality increasingly adapted to digital technologies and environments. From social interactions to entertainment, from banking to online shopping, almost everything can be done through internet-connected devices. As technologies evolve, they enable faster, safer, and more natural interactions for users.

We experience a relevant cultural movement where the real and virtual worlds converge from screens of “smart” devices, driving the emergence of the term Metaverse as an ongoing evolution of digital environments and interfaces. In this scenario, in addition to the technological challenges, there is a need to build proposals, models, and frameworks that enable meaningful, fluid, interoperable experiences capable of generating value for real or digital users and businesses. Furthermore, the evolution of the internet to Web 3 brings important disruptions in paradigms of access, ownership, and commercial relationships, empowering individuals and enabling new business models and value chains.

This template proposes, from a service blueprint, the mapping of the customer journey of real or virtual products carried out in the metaverse and considers both customer interaction and the organization's service and support actions, serving as an editable, adaptable, and open template that will enable the structuring of new businesses in the metaverse, considering its peculiarities and challenges, serving as a business model that is desirable as an experience, sustainable as a business and technologically viable.


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Alvaro Gabriele
Product Manager@MetaMazing
I have over 15 years of experience discovering, managing and delivering amazing experiences for digital platforms. I'm skilled at leading projects that finish on time and on budget, structuring teams, identifying business opportunities for designing improvements in production processes, promoting best results and generating value for companies and customers.

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