Scrum Accountabilities Game


The 2020 Scrum Guide describes the accountabilities of the Scrum Team. This exercise helps you explore and discuss where the primary accountabilities lie within Scrum.

Step 1: Investigate the items in "Current Team Accountabilities"

Tip: if you are with a group of eight or more, try to create four sub-teams. Each group investigates one accountability. E.g. Scrum Team, PO, SM, or Developers

Step 2: Move items to the correct accountabilities on the "Scrum Accountabilities"

Step 3: Allow each participant to go through the new overview and change the color of an item which she/he thinks is not at the correct accountability

Step 4: Discuss the items which are not clear for everybody and have a discussion about the item and the responding accountability.

Tip: Look at the Scrum Guide 2020 as preparation before the workshop starts.

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