Retrospective - Sails and Anchors


The sails and anchors retrospective is a great way to engage people in thinking about what can be done as a team to improve and what to celebrate!

This simple retrospective template focuses on:

😁 what went well (the wind in our sails)

😔 what is holding us back (the anchors)

By asking for one sticky note from each person for each area, we get everyone to think of what to celebrate and improve.

The importance of actions taken from retrospectives cannot be overstated enough.

Using the "dot voting" tool in Miro can be a helpful way to consolidate the most essential things raised in the retrospective and focus the team on action to improve.


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Jon Spruce
Enterprise Agile Coach & Scrum
An Enterprise Agile Coach with proven experience in leading successful large scale digital transformation, Agile adoption and DevOps change programmes. Jon supports clients to help them deliver world-class solutions through organisational redesign, effective leadership coaching, and building agile capability. Outside of the office, you can find him on a building site developing property, swimming in an extremely cold lake in Wales or in a plane working towards his Private Pilot’s Licence.

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