Agile Workflows

Retrospective Method - Amazon Review

A perfect introduction to your team's sprint retrospective. Each participant writes a review about the past sprint, as we know it from product reviews on Amazon. In this way, each participant can briefly share their own impression and a personal summary of the last iteration with the team.


⏲ 20-30 minutes

👯 (Scrum) Team, Product Owner, other

🔧Calendars, E-Mails, Laptops

How it works:

  • Introduce the method to the team

  • Take 5-10 min of still work to fill out the provided form: enter name, date and titel. Give a star rating and write a short review text

  • Take 2-3 min per person to read out your review to the rest of the team

  • Close this introductory part of the retrospective and go on to gather more insights about it using another method


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