Retrospective & Feedback


Do you have disgruntled employees?

(Maybe yes, Maybe no)

BUT do you have a mechanism to gain problems faced AND constructive feedback? This feedback template has been updated to include a summer-themed weather report at the start and the end.

Maybe use this while they are in the company, but surely use it before they depart! This template invites and encourages your team members to provide solutions to the problems posed! Facilitation notes

  • Encourage the employee to reflect on their time at the company.

  • Ask open-ended questions such as:

    • What were the highlights of your time here?

    • What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?

    • How did your role align with your career goals?

  • Recognize that leaving a job can be an emotional process.

  • Offer a listening ear and ask if there's anything the employee wishes to share about their emotional experience.

  • Offer support for future job searches or references.

  • Provide contact information for staying in touch.

  • Throughout the feedback session, actively listen, validate the employee's feelings, and avoid becoming defensive or argumentative. The key is to create an environment where the departing employee feels heard, valued, and respected. This empathy-driven approach not only helps the individual but can also provide valuable insights for improving the workplace for current and future employees.


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