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The team charter is a document that establishes the norms and rules by which the team will work together. The charter includes a description of the team's roles, values, strengths, and weaknesses, and defines key success indicators and quality standards for teamwork.

When is a team charter needed?

The simple answer is: always. But it's especially helpful to agree on rules for working together in a newly formed team. It's also helpful when you need to rebuild the team to start over. Or when the team is going through major transformations.

How to work with the Team Charter workshop?

This is a 3,5 - 4 hours workshop depending on the team size. The optimal size of a team is 5-12 people, including a team leader.

This workshop consists of 3 steps:

1) Brief icebreaker (not included in the template, use your favorite one or ask any of those 3 questions to start a meeting):

 - Share your three most-used emojis with the group.

 - What's the best thing that's happened to you this morning (besides coffee)?

 - What's something you own that people would be surprised to know you have?

2) Team Charter Components (look for the specific instructions written at the beginning of each section) :

 - Team members

 - Team purpose

 - Ground rules

 - Team values

 - Skills

 - Metrics of success

 - WOW events

3) Roundup, feedback, and close.

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Daria Rudnik
Team Architect | Founder@Daria Rudnik Coaching & Consulting
Daria is a certified team & leadership coach, PCC ICF, EMCC ITCA, with 15 years of international executive experience in people and organization development. She teachers HR and Leadership at MSU Business School. Daria creates brilliantly successful virtual teams by leveraging their cognitive and cultural diversity.
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