Relative Sizing Training


Relative Sizing Training

Relative sizing (story pointing) is often a difficult concept for a team to grasp.

This interactive training walks the team through the concepts using fruits! They will practice and consider what happens when they discover more information. Once they complete the fruit exercises, we move on to using a mobile app example. This is an effective way for teams to apply learning!


There is a plethora of information about story pointing and what it is, but very little information on HOW to story point effectively. This is the reason why I created this board! The frames walk a group through how to apply the knowledge around pointing and why it's more accurate than estimating using time.

Each activity builds on the previous and at the end the team should be able to understand and apply the concepts to their backlog.

The topics include:

  • Why we use relative sizing vs. time

  • How we are used to estimating and how it changes

  • Why story points matter- because it tells us the velocity

  • What is velocity and how is it used?

  • The factors that impact velocity

  • How to plan using velocity

  • Practice by sizing fruits

  • How the information in a user story helps us to size

  • Why sizing as a team matters

  • How to inspect and adapt how we use story points

  • How to size using a real-world example of a mobile app

  • Touch on cross-functional stories

Use this with your current development teams. Best used with 10 or less people. It takes a little over an hour to go through this, depending on the level of engagement from the group. It's also helpful to pull stories from their backlog for additional practice.

This training will reveal additional training needs, like how to refine or how to write cross-functional stories. Make sure to pay attention and plan to train on the needed topics in a later session.

Feel free to modify this for your own use!

Before starting the training, delete all of the instructional boxes.


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