Regenerative Community Design Canvas


What is this template?

In order to thrive as a community, we have to reprogram our current systems, services, mindsets and rituals, to give back more than we take.

This template will provide a structured framework crafted to evaluate and assess the prospective influence of regenerative initiatives on organizations, communities, people, and the planet. It's like a compass guiding you to measure and amplify the positive ripples your projects send across different realms.

Who is it for?

This template is for any initiative, designer, NGO, social enterprise, creative or innovator, working towards a regenerative future.

The main aim is for people to:

  • Identify key actors within the community/place and move beyond human actors in their design.

  • Identify the potential per key actor.

  • Allow them to choose a priority of actors to work the rest of the canvas with.

How to use this template?

1. Make it yours

Duplicate this template to your personal workspace on Miro to access and work on it freely.

2. 4 Pillars of Regenerative Design

You can collaborate on the canvas as a group, brainstorming your answers together verbally and then noting them down on the template.

  • Start with Place and Potential

Begin by understanding the larger systems that your project is nested within. Explore the site & self, your community and the potential.

  • Set Regenerative Goals

Define clear goals for the community and organization, while focusing on the values and the reasons of this community/project and ensure these goals align with the broader role your project plays in driving positive transformation.

  • Define Your Instruments

Develop strategies to harmonize your project’s activities with the ongoing evolution of life, fostering co-evolution and regeneration.

  • Measure Progress and Refine

Select dynamic indicators and metrics that capture the holistic and evolving nature of regenerative processes.

3. Refine & Personalize

This template was constructed with the aspiration of continuous enhancement as we accumulate knowledge and experience through its application. Feel empowered to reframe these inquiries to align with the distinctive scope of your project.

4. Regenerative Reassessment

We strongly recommend revisiting your prior responses once specific milestones are reached in your project. This practice allows you to discern whether any transformations have occurred or if unforeseen impacts have materialized in specific spheres, aligning with the regenerative essence of your endeavor.

5. Engage in Collaborative Growth

Your insights and feedback are invaluable. Reach out to us, as we are dedicated to the ongoing enhancement of this framework. By working together, we can continuously refine and amplify the regenerative potential of this canvas.

The content for this framework and this template was made with love by Josine Bakkes and Ecem Çınar. 

Big thanks to Melissa Lara Clissold, Deniz Dönmez, Gülin Ölçer and Nikkole Mojika for their contribution.


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Josine Bakkes
Community Member@ATÖLYE
Josine is an international expert in entrepreneurship and community design. She has spent the past 8 years spearheading various local-to-global entrepreneurship platforms, with a mission to develop methods and means that guide people in designing for the well-being of our planet. Creating conditions for all life to thrive.
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