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About this recipe template

This recipe template is intended to help you organize your favorite recipes and categorize them by whichever attributes are important for you and your loved ones. Rather than having to look back and forth between the ingredient list and instructions, the table format makes it easy to see what you need, how much, and when, as you go.

How to use the recipe cards

  1. Start by selecting the "Recipe Name" text box on each card and replace it with the name of your recipe. For example, you can change it to "20-Minute Taco Soup."

  2. Within the recipe title card, you can also add tags such as breakfast, lunch, or dinner, dietary details like vegetarian or keto, or other categories you find useful.

  3. Add any details you'd like in the first set of tables including servings, prep time, cook time, and nutrition info.

  4. Add a link to the recipe if its online, or any helpful instructional videos, to the upper-righthand corner of the card.

  5. Now, start populating the "Instructions" section and provide step-by-step instructions for preparing your recipe. Again, you can add or remove bullet points as necessary.

  6. Next, select the "Ingredients" section and list all the ingredients required for your recipe at each stage.

  7. Finally, you can customize the design of the recipe card by changing the font style, color, or adding any decorative elements using the available tools in Miro.


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