Quick & Clean Testing for Your Idea


Welcome to Quick & Clean Testing for Your Idea

Why use it?

Avoid falling in love with your first ideas, save time, money, and make evidence-based decisions.

You have an idea and do not know if users will buy into it? Do you think you need to develop a full product to validate if your idea will have traction? Do you think you need to wait months to know if your idea has a potential adoption? Run a simple test and iterate to uncover insights that support your decision-making process. Reduce your risk and follow the insights.

How to use it?

  • A 3-step process to support your decision making when starting a new endeavor.

  • Iterate one or two times after the first result.

  • No need for big teams or complex paid tools and metrics.

What have we used it for?

  • Are potential users interested in my idea?

  • Is my value proposition clear to potential users?

  • Which parts of my idea have the biggest interest from potential users?


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Pixel Research Lab
An Evidence-Based & User-Centric Research Lab
We are experienced problem-solvers helping companies fast-track their route to innovation. We offer fast and cost-effective research iterations in order to gather data from real users and make insights actionable to make informed decisions.

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