Identify Your Core Assets



Product-as-a-Service is a critical business model to enable the circular economy transition. By enabling and incentivizing resource-efficient operations and the use of durable products, Product-as-a-Service business models help to keep materials and products in use for longer. 

The Product-as-a-Service toolbox is designed for businesses seeking to reduce their dependence on new resources and achieve their sustainability goals. Depending on the readiness of your organisation, the toolbox can be used to get a sense of what a Product-as-Service offering would mean for your business or serve as a methodology and process to start developing and implementing a Product-as-a-Service business model. 

For the latter, we recommend forming a diverse working group, which should include product management, sustainability, finance and the customer perspective, and using an impartial facilitator to work through each of the 4 steps in turn.  Steps 1 – 3 consist of: 

  • Editable Miro workshop template, 

  • Workshop facilitation guide.

Step 4 consists of two editable excel sheets . 


In this board you find part three of the Product-as-a-Service toolbox, “Identify your core assets”.

It guides you through a couple of exercises to: 

  • Map the delivery of your Product-as-a-Service offering. 

  • Understand how to secure access to the capabilities needed and develop an asset strategy. 

Good luck! 


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