Prototype Kit


Help teams make solutions tangible to test their ideas with real users.

A ready-made session you can use with a small team to build ideas into tangible solutions you can test with users. This session includes a guide with step-by-step instructions and activities.

  1. Inclusion Exercise - Get everyone talking and set the tone.

  2. Concept Card - Capture your strongest idea to share with others.

  3. Storyboard - Turn your concept into a simple story..

  4. Solution Gallery - Identify which ideas are most interesting to test.

  5. Interview Guide - Plan great interviews that get users talking.

  6. Session Reflection - End on a positive note with what the team liked, learned and want to explore more.

What you’ll get

  • Pre-made, ready-to-facilitate boards

  • Planning, preparation and follow up checklist

  • Minute-by-minute agenda

  • Detailed facilitator notes

  • Facilitation tips and mindsets

  • Custom-made spotify soundtracks for your session

Access the kit

Click on the link to the Guide in the first frame to access the facilitator guide, playlist and checklist for this kit.

Access the full series

The Prototyping Kit is the 4th in a 6-Kit Series designed to help you launch better solutions, faster. If you want to view the full toolkit, check the Sprint Valley profile on Miroverse.


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