Program Setting


Streamlined Program Setting

The primary purpose of this board is to facilitate the program setting phase of call for paper conferences. It serves as a centralized hub where submitted papers are evaluated and categorized as accepted or rejected.

Once papers have been accepted, the board provides a dedicated space for their placement onto the conference program.

How to use the board

Conference Setup:

The board guides you through the initial setup for your conference, ensuring that you have all the necessary components in place. This includes creating sections for paper submission, review, and program setting, as well as establishing clear criteria for acceptance and rejection.

Accept and Reject Decisions:

With the board's assistance, you can efficiently evaluate and make decisions on the submitted papers. The board provides a structured framework to assess the quality, relevance, and originality of each submission, aiding in the selection and categorization process.

Program Placement:

Once the papers have been reviewed and accepted, the board offers a dedicated space for organizing them within the conference program. By leveraging the drag-and-drop functionality, organizers can easily assign time slots and session tracks to each accepted paper, ensuring a well-structured and cohesive program.

Streamlined Export: In the final stage, the board provides a straightforward method to export the program table to a Word document. This feature simplifies the dissemination of the conference program to attendees, allowing for easy distribution and accessibility.


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Chloe Sarson
Conference Producer@Institution of Engineering and Technology
I develop programs for technical conferences for both commercial and call for paper events
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